Meet our sister: Sasha Korellis

As sisters and Sefte Living co-founders, we’ve leaned on one another our whole lives. When we started Sefte Living we had no idea how many sisters we’d gain along the way. Women helping us make this dream a reality - propping us up, literally weaving and crocheting every blanket and throw, telling their friends about Sefte, providing inspiration and direction, and a gentle nudge here and there. They are our extended sisters in Sefte. A sisterhood.

One of those sisters is Sasha Korellis of Satcha Malas. We worked with Sasha to create an exclusive collection of crystal malas for Sefte. Sasha makes these completely by hand - selecting the moonstone, sandalwood, organic linen thread, seeds and crystals herself, and then carefully hand knotting all 108 beads. She’s an artist and a true sister.  We wanted to share a little bit more about Sasha.


How did you get started with Satcha Malas?

As I began to deepen my spiritual practice, I wanted to use a mala during meditation rather than a timer or an app to track my sit. It was important to me to completely step away from technology just for these few moments in my day. In the search for the right one, I wasn't finding a mala that resonated with me on personal level. So I created my own and the process has become an extension of my meditation practice.

The more malas I made, the more people were asking if I could make one for them too. I realized, we all are looking for something sacredly tangible to reconnect to ourselves throughout the day. I love listening people’s stories and collaborating to help support their healing, joy, hopes, dreams and love.

How have you used or benefited from your own malas?

I am never without my mala. It is one of those personal items that is there to remind me of my power and of all the love I have to offer. It is an outward reminder to stay present, breathe and enjoy how life unfolds without expectation. I am also a firm believer in crystal healing and that each crystal amplifies particular energies. For my personal mala, I have actually taken it apart and remade it several times. The mala evolves just as we do.

What keeps you going every day - either in your craft or life?

Everyday life to me is something magical and to be admired with wide-eyed wonder and awe. It is important for me to sit, close my eyes and breathe whenever I can to remind myself of this. I wear my mala everyday, even though it might be tucked under my outfit or in my pocket, to remind me pause and get back into the flow of the universe.

Where do you seek sanctuary - to dream, meditate, be creative or just find me time?

It has always been important for me to insure that my home is my sanctuary.  My husband and I are both artists so we co-create in our living space. The lighting, colors, textures, smells, sounds are all important factors in creating good vibes so that our inspiration is free flowing. From time to time we move our workspaces from upstairs to downstairs and sometimes all the way to his family home in Greece. I  have a big sheepskin that I shlep everywhere and as soon as I lay it down, I am home.

Do you have a “sister” who has propped you up personally or professionally?

I feel blessed that I am surrounded by so many amazing women that I love deeply and I can share joyous, loud laughs with.

Christine for being my best friend and loving me fiercely even when I’m a hot mess.

Bex for being my champion of creative.

Jennifer for being the best big sister I never had.

Catherine for being my partner in crime, comedy and song.

Natalie for calling me back from the edge and then having a good laugh about it.

Erin for schooling me how to live like a real Californian.

Kiné for being my psychic warrior princess sister wife.

April and Bekkah for being my family.

Sharon for showing me the ropes.

Chandra for being my rockstar soul sister.

Elizabeth for teaching me how to make the ordinary beautiful.

Linda and Charanpal for cracking open my heart chakra.