Collection: Sefte + The Dogwood Dyer

Introducing our latest collaboration with The Dogwood Dyer. 

Based out of a southern California, Liz of The Dogwood Dyer  incorporates an Anthotype technique on our shawls, which creates an image on the shawl using plants. Liz uses environmentally responsible practices, such as recycling 80 percent of the dye waste water directly back to her dye gardens. She works with natural plant/mineral based dyes, some of which have been grown by her or foraged responsibly in the wild. Natural dyes are always more complex (and more beautiful) but are generally not as light and wash fast as synthetic dyes, as they come from a living source. Liz takes great care when developing colors. Her color application process is very thorough (proper scouring, mordanting, dyeing, washing, etc.) and so the results from her studio will be the best that you could expect from each natural color. Because her color comes from the natural world and because her work is all done by hand there are invariably always some subtle differences from piece to piece. This is the beauty of working with botanical and earth color.

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