Sefte x Sundays Stay Warm Nail Bundle

Show off your manicure AND stay warm with our new collaboration with Sundays.  We have paired our bestselling Pura Fingerless gloves with a 3-polish box, hand selected by us. It's the perfect gift for all your sisters;  moms, daughters, aunties, besties. 

Sefte has always held as its core mission to promote connection. Our products are designed for ritual use. One of our favorite rituals with our mom, sister and friends is a good old fashion manicure. It is one of life's simple luxuries, whether in a salon or treating yourself at home.

With that in mind, it seemed a natural extension to partner with Sundays, a nail care brand focused on wellness.  Enjoy the self care ritual of a manicure and, with our Pura Fingerless gloves, the continued enjoyment of seeing it during these cold winter months.
For outdoor dining in the cold winter months.
For texting back your bestie while on your way...
For holding her and his hand on the way to school...
For holding her and his hand on the way to a romantic dinner...

This is the perfect gift for everyone you know...and for yourself. 
What's Included:
Pura Fingerless Gloves: Choose Sand or Silver
3 Polish Box: Beige, Wine, Dark Olive 

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