Satcha Malas

Crystal Pink Tourmaline Self Love Mala


Pre-order. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

  • Hand knotted with organic linen thread grown in Belgium and hand spun in Italy.
  • Each mala is unique and completely handmade with natural and sustainably harvested sandalwood and rudraksha seeds from India.
  • 108 beads with an approximate hang length of 21.5”.

The Crystal Pink Tourmaline Self Mala Mala is designed exclusively for Sefte by Satcha Malas. This handmade Sefte crystal mala is created using lunar white thread with moonstone and pink tourmaline crystals. The moonstone represents the journey inward while the pink tourmaline calls the energy of self love, compassion and healing. Each crystal and sandalwood bead are hand knotted using moon white organic linen thread and every knot locks in a prayer. Each bead holds your intentions and each knot holds your dreams. Sefte chose the hematite gold star, designed to sit at the base of the neck, for it’s grounding and balancing properties.

The Rudraksha seed, meaning "the one that is capable of looking at and doing everything" is believed to create a cocoon made of the wearer's own energy. The more it is worn, touched and loved the deeper the color and the softer the edges become.

The Rudraksha is also to represent the home that resides within our hearts. So that no matter where you go or where you are, you are always home.

Welcome home


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