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We’re a small company led by twin sisters, Jenn and Sarah. We live on opposite sides of the U.S., but are otherwise inseparable. 

We were always together through childhood, college and the Peace Corps in Central America. But when we came home and entered the working world, something changed. We stopped checking in with ourselves, our dreams, our aspirations. We lost a connection with each other and the work we had done to assist the incredible people of the region. And we saw the same all around us… people racing towards an invisible finish line and losing their connection with themselves and each other along the way. 

It wasn’t long before we decided it was time to slow our lives down. To reconnect. To cherish the moments that we had with each other, our families and ultimately with ourselves. To rediscover all the intoxicating inspiration we found in places like the Argentina, Guatemala, Uruguay and Peru. 

And we decided that the best place to start was in our home.

Our point of view is simple: The home is an inner sanctum, a place to live slowly, artfully, and deliberately. It’s where we connect with the most important people in our lives. The place where we reconnect with ourselves. We design every Sefte piece to nurture that connection and create a sanctuary of casual elegance, serenity and self-care. That means materials have to feel as luxurious as they look, blending a contemporary aesthetic with nostalgic styles, lush texture and calm, naturally muted tones. 

And from day one, we’ve felt that production and a sense of place are just as crucial in imparting this feeling of connection. All Sefte pieces are handcrafted by artisan women in Peru and Vietnam. We’ve visited them again and again. We know their names and their children's’ names. We adore them, along with their incredible craftsmanship. They are our extended sisters in Sefte and inextricable from everything that’s soulful and true about our work.  

On behalf of them, thank you for bringing Sefte into your home. You’ve given us an incredible means to connect. We hope you’ll soon have the same.

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