Selenite Cleansing Bowl


Sefte + The Cristalline Collaboration

Place the Selenite Cleansing Bowl throughout your home, drawing in the powerful cleansing and purifying energy of selenite to maintain harmony in the home, while quartz amplifies and regulates energy. We love using this vessel to store our sage and palo santo while cleansing and grounding our space, to cleanse our jewelry at night, and it is perfect for clearing and cleansing your crystals!

The natural texture of selenite is fibrous, therefore even though this bowl is carved small lines or indentations in the surface texture are normal.  Selenite is a water-solublesalt-based material and will dissolve in water over time. Please refrain from placing in water or in a moisture filled area. This material does not require addition cleansing, as it is an energetically self-cleansing stone. For cleaning dust with a dry cloth.

Bowl is 3" deep. Raw clear quartz crystals included.

Origin: Morocco

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