Sefte by Taryn Toomey Meditation Cushion



 Taryn Toomey of The Class has taken her favorite meditation cushion and brought it to life in her signature dusty rose hue. Taryn believes when you have a consistent ritual around your meditation, your body gets reminded of what to do. "The routine of it helps you drop in a little quicker; it actually creates potency and memory around self-care rituals."  

The cushion, designed by us, is a simple hand-crocheted round medallion. All Sefte knits are created by artisans in the high Andes of Peru. This collection is hand-made by a cooperative of Peruvian women who literally crochet their way to financial freedom. For these women, the ancient art of crocheting is their meditation. As they make each medallion, they imbue it with power and grace. They steep it in vitality. They fill it with breath and soul. There is a real human touch and a real human story in every piece.

  • Dusty rose.
  • 100% alpaca. 
  • 20" round. 
  • Hand-crocheted by artisans in Peru. 



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