Sefte Sister: Jenny Wolf

"We hadn't know each other for five minutes before we knew we were meant to work together," describes our co-founder Sarah, of her instant connection with Jenny.

Sarah was introduced to Jenny through a mutual designer friend; Celerie Kemble.  What Jenny is endeavoring to create with The Huntress was inspiring and multi-layered and it immediately spoke to Sarah.

A physical space, a store in Pound Ridge, full of beautiful things and also a creative space where you can join events, drink elixirs and put together bouquets of flowers. Jenny's design talent is a given; what we were most drawn to was her vision of who the Huntress woman embodies. 

This woman is a wildling, confident and free, harnessing her power, a real sense of self, magical. Envision Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.  This is also the female archetype that Sefte champions, creating real synergies of what and who we wanted to inspire in ourselves and those around us, as well as the products that we brought to them. Our first introduction to our Sefte + The Huntress collaboration, the cape, is exactly that - a piece that when worn makes her feel powerful and magical at the same time.


We loved hearing from Jenny and we know you will be as inspired as we were from the very start. 

Tell us why you are drawn to Sefte?     

I do not believe there are any coincidences in life. I was having lunch with my designer friend Celerie Kemble last fall who knew I was in the process of developing my assortment for The Huntress and she encouraged me to check out Sefte as a possibility for the store. I researched a bit before outreach and discovered that one of my daughter Ella’s first gifts as a newborn was a delicious Sefte alpaca baby blanket! This piece brought my family so much joy. I knew immediately that this was going to be a special brand we needed to bring to the store on so many different levels and instantly set up a meeting. When we finally met in person at The Wing Soho, within the first five minutes we unanimously agreed we needed to create a special collaboration. The alignment and creative magic we shared was clear from the start and we were thrilled to partner with such an authentic and uplifting dynamic duo like Sarah and Jenn. It really was a true sisterhood in the making and this is just the beginning.


How did you get started doing what you do?   

I knew from a young age that I have always had a passion for home decor and creating beautiful spaces, but I actually began my career in New York working in fashion for Ralph Lauren specializing in managing shop openings, overseeing merchandising and sales training for RL boutiques at department stores and specialty stores. Ralph Lauren has always been a huge inspiration for me and I was so grateful for that experience. However, I hit a crossroads and, despite the seemingly poor timing being newly pregnant with my first baby and the upward track I was on in my career, my inner voice kept growing louder and louder. It was time. I needed to take the leap and pursue my dream of becoming an interior designer and start a new chapter. Change is always scary, but I left my job at Ralph and began studying design at Parsons. Shortly after graduating I started my business Jenny Wolf Interiors. I felt the same tugging when I knew it was time to launch my store. I have learned to always trust and listen to my inner voice.  


What’s something special that sets your company apart?   

The Huntress aims to provide the feeling of home and romantic nostalgia from the moment you walk in the door. There is so much intention, passion and curation behind everything we carry at the store and we hold a genuine love for everything we sell. That essence and authenticity contributes to the energy and overall experience of our visitors. Beyond the exclusive brands and one-of-a-kind antiques hunted from around the world, The Huntress provides a surreal environment of fresh flowers, music, and exotic scents; all designed to evoke the sense of escapism, fantasy and curiosity within. We are also a destination for custom upholstery furniture. Welcome home.


What keeps you going every day, either in your craft or going about life?  

Every day I wake up excited for new possibilities. My creativity is my lifeforce and the magic that keeps me pushing forward. In my experience I have found that you always receive the energy back what you put forth, so as I continue to answer the call to pursue my passion, the universe continues to send little miracles and signs of encouragement. I will never stop pursuing my purpose and continue to grow each day, even with the challenges. Every day is precious gift and I am filled with so much gratitude that I get to do what I love for a living.


Where do you seek sanctuary - to dream, meditate, be creative or just find me time?   

My home.  Your home should nurture you. I believe by surrounding yourself with pieces that you love that bring you joy, you can feel comfort and peace. I can look around my space and the items I have collected over time and everything has a story and an energy that sustains me. I believe that we all should live in spaces that nurture and feed us and make us feel good. Creating the home goes beyond the physical objects, it is also how we nurture ourselves.  How do we show ourselves love?  What can we do to make ourselves feel more at home.  There is nothing I love more than taking a salt bath at the end of the day or curling up on the sofa in my favorite throw with a cup of tea.  These rituals or “homecoming” help me to give back to myself and further sustain my creativity

What do you do to try to remain present and slow down?  

As a single working mother of two young girls with a demanding interior design business and now a newly launched specialty, practicing presence and slowing down is essential to my quality of life. No matter how busy I am I always carve out time at the end of my day for a salt bath, essential oils and lighting candles. But I am also a believer in active mediation and not always having to “schedule" a time for peace. Bringing that quieting of the mind into every aspect of my day, whether it’s dealing with a client, overseeing an installation or homeschooling my kids during quarantine, I always hold space, return to myself and breathe. This internal daily practice has been my lifeline. While we all hold the strength to claim our presence and stillness without any external influence, I do enjoy lighting palo santo or copal and use scent as a powerful tool to return to balance. When I am feeling like I need to move my body, I would go to The Class by Taryn Toomey studio in Tribeca. During quarantine I have been taking her classes digitally. While anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a big “exerciser,” Taryn’s class helps me reconnect body, mind and spirit. Always find what resonates most, your body is never wrong.

Where do you find inspiration for your work and for your life?  

I find so much inspiration from the places I have traveled. My more recent favorites have included London, Paris (obviously), Greece, Jackson Hole, Tulum and even the Catskills which is an easy drive! I feel I need to have that exploration and absorption of other cultures, beaches and mountains to energize my creative pursuits. I was meant to travel to Santa Fe in April, so hope to reschedule that trip when we have the opportunity to travel again. The next trip is always based on how I am feeling and what my spirit craves. This is never an accident and I always return from trips with epiphanies and ideas that fit perfectly into my projects. That’s why I feel so strongly about magnetism and connection. Allow the path to come to you. I never question my intuition and “follow my arrow” wherever it leads, trusting that the inspiration and beauty fall into place at the perfect timing. Since my wanderlust has been put on pause, I enjoy scrolling Instagram and flipping through magazine, music, reading books and poetry like everyone else. There will never be a pause on imagination and creativity.  

Do you have any special rituals for making time with family or friends?  

Rituals are so important, not only for grounding, but also connects to me to myself and my loved ones. My favorite ritual for gathering family without a doubt is sailing. I grew up in South Carolina on the water and some of my fondest memories is spending time with my father on his boat. This is a special experience and ritual I now share with my daughters when I take them out on the water. I am lucky enough to have an older brother who lives in New York and owns a gorgeous sailing boat here.  He and I share this same passion for the sea and our families go out together over the summers. We listen to music, watch the sunset, wind in my hair, it is like food for my soul. My father has passed away but I feel his presence so strongly when I am sailing and it brings me that feeling of home. I love returning to this family tradition every year with my children and continuing to sail and explore.  

Sefte x Huntress Cape in Oatmeal

What’s your favorite Sefte product?

The Sefte x Huntress collaboration cape in oatmeal has quickly become my forever favorite product. It’s a layering piece that feels like you are wrapped in a blanket and perfect for any season. Its a cozy knit for the winter time or nice for chillier nights thrown over a sundress in the summer time. It’s the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off before bed. It was such a special process working with the Sefte twins, conceptualizing the shape, the lifestyle, the feeling and the texture of the product and could not have been more thrilled to experience the result. I wear it so much that my daughter sleeps with it as a comfort blanket because it carries my energy and love. It literally is a piece of clothing that feels like home.