Sefte Sister: Casey Georgeson of Saint Jane Beauty

Sefte Sister: Casey Georgeson of Saint Jane Beauty

Sarah and I are beyond thrilled to introduce you to our dear friend, Casey Georgeson. We knew Casey long before she founded her swoon-worthy brand, Saint Jane Beauty. Our children went to preschool together. We hiked the Marin County hills together. We found friendship over long coffee dates, buttery chardonnays and late summer pool parties. Casey has always been a huge Sefte supporter, but more than that... a wonderful ally in the sisterhood of entrepreneurial motherhood.  

Casey and I have always been devoted lovers of all things beauty and wellness related, so it is with great excitement.... and deep reverence (you finally did it, Casey), that we introduce you to Casey as our latest Sefte Sister. And, of course, we had to do an exclusive limited edition partnership. Read on to learn more; we know you'll love Casey, and the luxurious brand she has built, as much as we do. 



Tell us why you are drawn to Sefte Living?   

I’ve always loved Sefte for its soulful branding, responsible mission and incredible textures. Everything about Sefte has spoken to me since the day I met Jenn at our girls’ preschool a few years ago. She and Sarah have done a phenomenal job creating a truly special brand that fuses luxury with design and empowerment of women. And they’re both so passionate about their craft and living the ethos of lifting up fellow female founders. Very few brands are this successful at creating an emotion connected to their brand Sefte, you feel the meaning in every angle you see: soft, ethereal, enveloping and luxe from products to photography to the way Jenn and Sarah celebrate sisterhood.


How did you get started doing what you do?


Saint Jane was founded when California started legalizing cannabis, but I’ve wanted to create my own collection for years after developing lines for Sephora and in the wine business. Cupcake Vineyards was the first brand I ever created, and I was part of the team that developed Marc Jacobs Beauty, Disney for Sephora, Kat Von D, Elizabeth and James fragrance. When I learned about how powerful CBD can be for the skin, I realized the opportunity to merge luxury and wellness with this healing-centric approach to beauty - and Saint Jane was born. I wanted to bring CBD into the luxury space with formulas and botanicals that actually work on people’s skin.

What’s something special that sets your company apart?   

Saint Jane is the innocent side of Mary Jane...and also an actual Saint who lived in the 1500s and dedicated her life to healing people in need - the very old, the very sick, the unwed mothers. We believe the wellness benefits of CBD for skin run incredibly deep, so we’ve paired CBD in high concentrations with organic, potent botanicals that support the CBD mission of reducing inflammation, calming the skin and making you glow inside and out.



What keeps you going every day, either in your craft or going about life?

My three daughters are everything. When I was questioning creating this line and how much time it would take to do it right, someone said, “Have your daughters do it with you” and it suddenly made perfect sense. I run our office from home so everyday they see me working on new products, marketing plans and our mission. Two out of three girls are supportive, my seven year old is constantly devising plans for me to sell the company so I can take her to swim practice everyday. 



 Where do you seek sanctuary - to dream, meditate, be creative or just find me time?

I’d like to say nature...or yoga...or meditation. But if I’m being honest, I find sanctuary in running (it can even be a treadmill), listening to GOOP podcasts, and spending time with the people I love the most. The friends who lift me up, my husband, my daughters. I also love nothing more than pouring a glass of buttery chardonnay after a long day and talking to my husband. I also find sanctuary in music...a really good song on headphones is like meditation, borderline spiritual.

What do you do to try to remain present and slow down?

Daily gratitude checks with myself keep me sane - I find that everything is brighter when I stop and remember all of the things I once so badly wanted and now have...a family, a career I love, health, my tribe of women. When gratitude is at my center, everything falls into place and I find a tremendous amount of peace. It allows me to do the most I can, with what I have, on any given day. This morning before she woke up, I crawled into bed with my nine year old and listened to her sleep...remembering the days when she was a baby and relishing these dwindling moments I have before she grows into a teenager and finds my presence completely humiliating to her existence.



Where do you find inspiration for your work and for your life?

When I’m feeling the need for a creativity boost, I’ll take a walk. The bilateral movement of walking (left, right, left, right) can actually stimulate emotion which for me is at the heart of what I do with branding. It also clears my head enough to see answers to problems that feel sticky. I look up, take deep breaths and more often than not, the solution all of sudden seems so simple.

Do you have any special rituals for making time with family or friends?

We fiercely protect “fun family Fridays” with our daughters. After a long week, they get to choose where we go out to dinner and dessert. My parents did it when I was growing up and it’s a sweet tradition to pass on; it’s a way for us all to sit down and really connect. One day a week, I also try to schedule coffee dates with friends - it’s a little escape that’s good for my soul, and my caffeine levels.




What’s your favorite Sefte product?

How can I name one? I have Sefte products in probably every room in our house. Maya, Kimsa, Nomada. Before my husband knew the brand, he’d ask, what are these Sefte (he pronounced it Sef-tee) blankets you love so much and why are they everywhere? I told him the story of how I met Jenn, and Sarah, fell in love with them and their beautiful textiles and it’s all history from there. My new fave is the Digital Detox Pouch, it’s the perfect gift for many, many mamas I know.

Some of our favorite photos of Sefte in Casey's home in Martis Camp, Truckee, CA....




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