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Where it all began: Our Maya Boucle

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The Maya Boucle was our first design and the seed for Sefte Living. We started the company around our shared love of Peru, and as a way to slow down and spend more time together as sisters and with our families. For our first offering, we wanted something that was warm, embracing, that had heart and soul. But most importantly, we wanted it to carry emotional potency. We didn’t want it to be just a throw … we wanted it to be a lifestyle.


Sefte Living | Maya Boucle Throw | 100% Baby Alpaca


In all those early conversations, Sarah and I kept coming back to a hand knit tasseled throw our mother made. It was literally another member of our family - it’s where we sought comfort and health, where we nursed and sometimes wept, where we built our couch forts and where we dreamed. It was the obvious direction. We wanted to do an exaggerated version that was bold and modern, and honored the integrity of alpaca fiber and the traditions of Peru.


Sefte Living | Maya Boucle Throw | 100% Baby Alpaca
From there we chose a boucle style yarn - two strands that are wound together. One is anchor and the other loops out to provide a luxurious loft and a little wildness, allowing our baby alpaca fiber to shine. We chose to have it hand woven on an upright loom - a method that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years and requires immense precision and years of practice. We know...we tried it ourselves!
Sefte Living | Maya Boucle Throw | 100% Baby Alpaca


The Maya Boucle Throw was born. Eight years later it continues to one of our best selling throws. Our Mayas are still made in the same town in Southern Peru. Feet on pedals, hands moving a carved shuttle through the loom, and yards and yards of yarn that is shorn, sorted and spun by hand. There’s just something to its craftsmanship, luxury, and the heart and soul of our artisans, that creates a magic. It embodies so much that we care about here at Sefte.


Sefte Living | Maya Boucle Throw | 100% Baby Alpaca


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