The Perfectly Imperfect Home



As a culture, we're continuing to choose digital connection. In so many ways, we have lost the beauty of connecting with real people in real time with real conversation. And when we do so, we're so intimidated by how polished everyone's lives look that we are constantly striving for the unattainable. 

Here's to all you sisters who, like us at Sefte, yearn for that unhurried, simpler, imperfect and authentic existence. Just open your doors. After all, entertaining is really just about being together. And although a perfectly imperfect home is really a reflection of your perfectly imperfect individual spirit and beliefs, here are some simple ways to make your space inspire calm and connection.
  • Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. All those knick-knacks that aren't 'sparking joy' anymore. Give them away. Clean up the clutter. You'll find peace in this more simple, artful space.
  • Throw pillows on your chairs. They don't need to match. They don't need to be perfectly fluffed. Sometimes lumpy pillows are comfy pillows. Here are some good ones to choose from. 
  • Arrange your own flowers. Maybe just a simple green bouquet from your garden or evening walk. Place it in an unexpected location... like the bathroom.
  • Choose objects that have true meaning over simply 'pretty' possessions. Like our onyx bowl.... which insights focus and grounding in the home.
  • Layer throws on your sofa. Even the old ones with the frayed edges. The old and the new together create pure beauty. Layering them together bring me so much visual and spiritual joy. I grab one and share the other two with my kids, husband or my sister.
  • Bring nature in. It has healing, calming properties in its own perfect imperfection. Our crystal tassel throws call on our innate desire to reconnect with nature, which we've lost in our every day lives. 
  • Remember to use real, honest, authentic materials in your home. Choose the scuffed wooden chair over the perfect plastic one. And, of course, alpaca over polyester ;)

Cheers to celebrating your perfect imperfection.

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