Sustainable Choices In Honor of the Global Climate Strike

Today, in the honor and dignity of the Climate Strike, we are launching a Seconds program whereby we will take the throws and blankets that you're finished with and give them a new life.

We have committed to wrapping used throws and blankets around the women, men and children in homeless shelters of New York City via the New York Rescue Mission. Simply send us back your used blanket or throw and we'll give you 20% off a new, full-priced Sefte item. Together, we can make the sustainable choice of keeping our blankets out of landfills and around people who need them. 

For more information on where to send your used blanket, please email and you will receive your discount code for 20% off. 

For more information on the Global Climate Strike, visit:

For more information on the New York Rescue Mission, visit

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