Serenity in Silk: Sefte + LG Collection

Editor's note: Thank you Jaimie Baird for these gorgeous images.

We started Sefte with a focus on the home - our inner sanctum and a place to live slowly, artfully and deliberately. We have designed every Sefte piece to help create a sanctuary of casual elegance and serenity.  This means our materials need to feel and look luxurious and our production process needs to be thoughtful and considerate. We've gravitated to the finest baby alpaca and working with artisans.

Over the years we’ve had demand to take Sefte outside the home, to be able to wrap oneself in Sefte wherever you go. And, we started doing this with our scarves, gloves and beanies, but we’ve always wanted to delve into lounge wear.

Sefte + LG Collection:  Meet our new silk robe and scarf.

We had the good fortune to cross paths with Lauren Gabrielson, a Brooklyn-based fashion designer, thanks to the HeyMama community.  She uses luxurious materials and makes her custom pieces just around the corner from East Coast Sefte.

Sefte + LG Collection: Meet our new silk robe and scarf.

It was a natural fit to go this together and we’re so happy to announce our new Kimono-style robe and silk infinity scarf. Both are made by hand in Brooklyn.  Our love of baby alpaca can only be matched by the buttery softness of this silk.

Sefte + LG Collection: Meet our new silk robe + scarf

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