Sefte Anywhere You Live: Mollie of Design Loves Detail

Our favorite thing is seeing Sefte in homes around the globe; every home making Sefte uniquely theirs. We're thrilled to kick off the first of our 'Sefte Anywhere You Live' series with interior designer and blogger, Mollie of Design Loves Detail, from Salt Lake City, Utah. We love Mollie's european organic modern vibe and how she styles Sefte in her home, like our Seda throw. Read below for the scoop on where she lives and how Sefte fits into her life. Thank you, Mollie, for sharing with us! 
Tell us what you do: I’m an interior designer, social media influencer, mom & wife! (in no particular order :) 
Where’s your favorite place for design inspiration? Being in Utah, we are surrounded by mountains, which is one of the reasons I enjoy living here. I love going to nature for inspiration and bringing natural, raw, organic elements into the design of my home and my clients' homes.  
What’s your favorite shop or restaurant? Log Haven is one of my favorites! I 
was there just recently and the beauty of the surroundings is incredible. Their food is amazing too!  
Where do you seek sanctuary - to dream, meditate, workout, be creative or find me time? 
I have always tried to make my home a place of sanctuary. My philosophy is that if you can surround yourself with inspiration on a daily basis and in the place you are most often, you will live a more inspired and authentic life. I try to keep only things that make my family and I happy around so that it’s a place of clarity and well being. We try to keep clutter away or at least behind doors (haha). I also try to provide each member of my family their own special space. For me, my office is my creative space and my closet is my quiet, meditative space.  
Do you have any special rituals in Salt Lake City that bring the community closer?  
There are a lot of local events like yoga in the park groups, luncheon groups, etc that I like to join whenever I can find time. We also love to join in with some of the art festivals and things that happen not far away in Park City, UT. 
Tell us how you update your home for autumn? I love bringing in extra layers and textures for autumn. Blankets, fresh silver dollar eucalyptus and hand-carved wood bowls are a few of my favorites. 
What’s your favorite thing to do there in the autumn? We love to visit the nearby farmer's markets to find fresh, locally grown produce. One thing I love about fresh produce is that it can be a statement maker in terms of decor too. Like the bowl of red pears I shared in my fall home tour.  
What’s your favorite Sefte product? I adore the throws! So many beautiful textures, designs and patterns. Details make all the difference and I love that there is such quality and attention to detail in each Sefte product. These details also provide that organic, natural, authentic feel I love to incorporate in my home and design work.  

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