Inspiring Wellness In Home Design: Anita Yakota

Inspiring Wellness In Home Design: Anita Yakota

Anita Yakota

With wellness on the mind this new year, we couldn't wait to sit down and chat with Anita Yakota, one of our favorite designers from Irvine, California. Anita uses her design process to inspire wellness in her clients' homes - and we are so grateful that Sefte can be a part of that process.

Tell us what you do:

I am an interior designer, stylist, and design blogger. I love providing easy and on-trend design tips for my clients and followers that easily translate to their own spaces.

We love that you seek to inspire wellness in home design - can you tell us about your process?

When designing a space, I like to start by calming the senses with paint colors. While I love light grays and blues, I tend to gravitate towards white. Psychologically, white triggers the brain to feel calm, pure and fresh. When adding in furniture pieces, I lean towards the minimal design style of mid-century and Scandinavian modern. These pieces typically have very clean lines and can add functionality to a room while remaining aesthetically calming and not too cluttered. Also, no room is complete without a few plants. They literally breathe fresh air into our home, upping the wellness factor, and adding variety in color and texture.   

What does wellness mean to you?

A true state of wellness translates across every aspect of your life, from how you live in your home, how you feel about yourself, and ultimately your lifestyle. To me, wellness means achieving a balance of physical and mental health, well-being and a peaceful state of mind—leaving me feeling invigorated from the inside out.

Where’s your favorite place for design inspiration in your city?

I love escaping the bright city lights and endless traffic with a trip to the desert. Watching the sun set in Joshua Tree is truly a magical and inspiring experience. Taking in the amazing, changing colors—the pinks, oranges and light purples—inspires me, makes me feel calm and Zen-like. I appreciate the slower pace of life there.

Where do you seek sanctuary - to dream, meditate, workout, be creative or find me time?

I love the end of the day when the kids are asleep, and I have 30-40 minutes to sit in bed and catch up on a favorite show or search for design inspiration. I also try to find time to take a hot, calming bath before bed. The hot water triggers your brain to release valuable endorphins and the quick rise in body temperature invigorates your body.  

Sefte throw

What’s your favorite Sefte product?

I love my Sefte throw blankets. Not only are they on trend, they are super thick, super soft and instantly add texture to the room. But, my most favorite part is they are large enough to share—I love to cuddle with my kids under my Sefte throw.

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