Fogust: New accessories to warm your hands and hearts

Fogust: New accessories to warm your hands and hearts

The hand is intimate to everything we do and believe. There is a real human touch in every Sefte piece and everything we make is meant to delight and nourish the senses. It was a natural progression for us to move into apparel - to wrap our bodies in Sefte wherever we go.

Today, we’re launching a new hat and fingerless gloves - the Canasta and the Nieve. Both are made from the softest baby alpaca with exaggerated and tactile texture.

Canasta means basket in Spanish and the design is a nod to the traditional reed baskets we saw in the lakeside town of Puno, Peru.  The unique knit design features two strands of yarn woven together. Just like us.

Handknit baby alpaca beanie

Our new Canasta Beanie in Silver, $90

Nieve means snow in Spanish. Covering and warming our hands takes us full cycle. Our hands give blessings and love. They create expression and make connection. They are the cradle of all creation.
Hand knit 100% baby alpaca fingerless gloves

Our Nieve fingerless gloves in Cream, $65

Both Sarah and I have been together in the Bay Area recently and have felt the nip of the wind and fog that defines our summers here. We decided to share our new Canasta and Nieve early for our Bay Area sisters.  Just in time for Fogust.






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