February Letters of Love

February Letters of Love

Our Co-Founder Sarah Pearsall shares notes on love all month long.
I left New York City last March for the quiet mountains of Lake Tahoe. I turned to introspection, solitude, and essentially being a hermit.  ...And I wasn't alone, I saw hermits all around me. It made me think about the hermit archetype as described in Tarot and the set of Tarot cards given to me years ago called to me.  With encouragement from Jenn and LifebyKH I began to throw cards. ...For myself, for Jenn and Krista, even my mom.  Rich with symbolism and harnessing intuition, it was a tool for self discovery and connection. With myself and others.  
February is the home of Valentine's Day.  How can we relegate something as important as love to one day? The array of love is vast;  romantic love, sisterly love, motherly love, self love, even cosmic love.  I saw them all in Tarot.  Not one; many!  So, in the spirit of connecting with you, in my interpretation of these cards, I will share one with you each week of February.  We are giving love the whole month of February...and beyond.  May you find love for yourself.
Week 1 - Friendship
This week we honor friendship, starting with the Three of Cups.  Whether your friends are new or old, we honor them this week.
"The Three of Cups foresees you in the company of amazing friends, creating memories together that you'll forever hold dear.  These are not any ol' friends; they are the people with whom you feel a rare connection.  With them you feel truly "yourself."  Enjoy each minute of their company."
Sisterhood love abounds!
Interpretation from The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook by Kim Krans
Week 2 - Romantic Love
We dedicate week 2 of February to Romantic Love, of course.
The Lovers:
Everyone has experienced the feeling of love on some level.  The feeling of walking on air, the initial infatuation - everything around you seems brighter, more alive, more connected.  Passion is high.  The Lovers symbolize this feeling, but it goes much deeper.  It represents a committed relationship.  The Lovers represents a strong partnership that is genuine and harmonious bringing trust and spiritual strength surrendering their hearts to each other without fear.  Their relationship expands and stretches the physical and spiritual self to connect at deep and unexpected places of the heart and soul.  The lovers have a kindred understanding of the gifts true love  and sensuality bring. The Lovers encompass human love, spiritual love, and sexual love that is transformative. This card reminds you of the value of sensual and sexual love and how it awakens the powerful life force of the kundalini and creativity within you. You understand that you, Earth, and spirit are constantly renewing and regenerating, forever evolving and creating new growth."
Interpretation from The Star Tarot 2nd Edition by Cathy McClelland
Week 3 - Motherly Love
We dedicate week 3 to The Mother. 
This is the card of mother energy! 
The Empress is the mother, or the goddess, of the tarot. Her energy encompasses all that is warm, fertile, creative, and sensual in the world.  Her strength comes from being gentle and compassionate, and loving without binding.  When this card appears; it's pointing to either a maternal relationship in your life or the side of yourself that wants to love more.  The Empress also suggests it's time for you to reconnect with nature.  Go outside tonight and find the moon.
Interpretation taken from The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook by Kim Krans
Week 4 - Self Love
The final card of February is The World: Self Love. 
This card holds the transformation from knowing, finding and loving thyself.  
"With The World, you are dancing the dance of freedom and liberation, knowing and trusting who you are.  The dark and the light within you is fully integrated.  When you experience this, you feel deep love that fills your being and stretches out to the world around you.  You feel one with everything.  You understand the synthesis of the collective and your responsibility as a world citizen.
The woman in The World embodies and has balanced aspects of masculine and feminine natures into one being.  She has liberated herself from fear and falsehood. living freely and flourishing in the world community.  She knows her being is part of everything, everywhere.  As she sits quietly, she absorbs the inner peace and love that comes from the integration of the physical self, soul self, and the realm of spirit.  Like the cycles of the moon and the passing seasons, each of us are continually spiraling through experiences in life, stretching and challenging ourselves to grow and expand.  Completion and new beginnings go hand-in-hand bringing evolution and wholeness.  You are constantly fine tuning your personal rhythm with the flow of the universal rhythm."
Interpretation from The Star Tarot 2nd Edition by Cathy McClelland
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Some of my favorite moments of 2020 were with you and these cards… laughing, learning, loving. You’ve got the magic!

Jenn Pearsall

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