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These days, we all live head down, thumbs out. We are constantly connected, but not to those around us. To our screens, our devices. 

Not only does this prevent us from making true connections, but we worry about the health impact of smartphones and WiFi. As mothers especially, we worry about EMF exposure for our children and how that will impact their lives. 


When we met Stephanie Kerst, the founder of Sage Living, a community that offers solutions to create low electromagnetic field (EMF) environments, we were inspired to learn more.

Thousands of studies in the last four decades have found that EMF exposure can create negative health effects in almost all of the systems of the body. You can (and should!) read more about Stephanie and her mission to educate others on her blog, Sage Living. 

We all seek to create a lifestyle of optimal health for ourselves and our families. Our digital detox pouch creates the space to reconnect with those around us. To help us focus on being present and connected in the physical world. Shop it here.


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