A Sustainable Life

On Earth Day, we are taking time to reflect on what sustainability means to us, as a brand, and a people.

Sustainability goes beyond recycling, beyond using organic products. For us, a sustainable home and lifestyle is about elevating the concept that your purchase can have a higher purpose. You can buy a beautiful product anywhere, but purchasing hand-made, sustainably produced products have soul and purpose. They can truly help save lives, honor generations of artisans and promote happiness. All of this actually has been proven to level up sustainability. 

We see it on a daily basis with our artisans. They are not just artisans, they are mothers, teachers, community leaders and health providers. They educate a whole new generation of ecological and social sustainability in their communities.

We think about sustainability in the materials we use. This is why we use 100% alpaca in our products. Alpaca is a natural, from the earth fiber. The process of alpaca farming does not require harsh chemicals – this means that alpaca farming is completely safe and natural for the environment.

It's also ethical - alpacas roam wild and free throughout the high Andes of Peru. They are raised by small independent herding communities that are able to exist peacefully with their animals following traditional practices by the sale of their fleece. Alpacas are herded into stone enclosures in the evenings and are shorn just once per year. Their fleece is not only some of the softest, but obtained naturally, sustainably and ethically. 

Peruvian history is seeped in alpaca farming. From the breeder who raises the livestock, to the master sorter who learned from their parents how to sort the fleece, to the spinners and knitters who produce some of the world’s highest quality items for fashion supply chains; alpaca is part of Peru’s diverse textile heritage. By buying an alpaca product, you are directly contributing to the livelihood to the people who depend on exporting this wonderful fiber to survive. 
On this day celebrating the Earth, we are filled with gratitude to our Sefte sisterhood. Thank you for helping us make an impact. 

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